Diversity Policy

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Guest Policy

The Chapter's programs are primarily for the members' benefit. However, members may invite guests to join them from time to time. Members who wish to invite guests must inform the president in advance of the meeting of their guests' names so that they may be introduced at the beginning of the program. Members must agree to be responsible for the catering costs for their guests and for the CLE fee, if the guests desire credit. Members may pay for their guests prior to or at the meeting. The catering cost per meeting during 2015-2016 is $40.00 per guest.

Guests who attend meetings as the last minute "substitute" will not incur any catering charge.

Attendance Policy

Attendance at the monthly meetings is mandatory. Unexcused absence from more than two meetings per year will constitute automatic resignation from the Inn at all membership levels. Attendance will be taken at each meeting: each member must "sign in" on the monthly attendance sheet.

If you are unable to attend a monthly meeting you must inform the Administrator in writing prior to the meeting of the reason for your absence. Absences without advance written notice are considered to be unexcused.

If, at the last minute, you are unable to attend a monthly meeting, you are encouraged to send a "substitute" colleague who may enjoy the Inn experience. Please advise the Administrator of this substitution so that your colleague may be properly introduced at the meeting.

Members are reminded that because this is truly a participatory organization, attendance at each meeting is vital to the success of the programs and the overall mission of the Inns.