Lewis Powell"As to values, I was taught-and still believe-that a sense of honor is necessary to personal self-respect; that duty, recognizing an individual's subordination to community welfare, is as important as rights; that loyalty, which is based on the trustworthiness of honorable men, is still a virtue; and that work and self-discipline are as essential to individual happiness as they are to a viable society. Indeed, I still believe in patriotism -- not if it is limited to parades and flag-waving, but because worthy national goals and aspirations can be realized only through love of country and a desire to be a responsible citizen."

~United States Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. (1907-1998)

History of the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Inn

    With the cooperation of our sister Inn in Richmond, Virginia, the John Marshall American Inn of Court, the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. American Inn of Court was issued American Inn of Court Charter No. 361 on April 7, 2003. By 2002, the John Marshall Inn, founded in 1990, was well established with a full and expanding membership. Leadership of the John Marshall Inn recognized the possibility for a new Inn in Richmond and also saw the benefits to the existing Inn of a revised membership mix to include additional Associates and younger lawyers. Members were polled to determine their support for sponsoring a new Inn. Nearly 90% favored the idea, and 60% stated they would be willing to participate as members of a new Inn, if invited to do so.

     Based upon that strong response, an organizing committee was appointed by Justice Donald W. Lemons, President of the John Marshall Inn. That group met on April 3, 2003, and agreed to submit a charter application for a second Inn in Richmond. It was further agreed to extend invitations to 15 Masters, 13 of whom were members of the John Marshall Inn, and to five Barristers, all from the John Marshall Inn, to be charter members of the new Inn. Not only did the John Marshall Inn "donate" some of its members, it provided $1,000 for start-up expenses and paid some of the expenses for leaders of the new Inn to attend the AIC Leadership Conference in Philadelphia in May, 2003.

     At the organizational meeting of Masters on April 30, 2003, the new Inn was formed and named in honor of Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., a Richmond native, who distinguished himself as a Justice on the United States Supreme Court, during an accomplished legal career, and as a dedicated community leader. Additional charter membership invitations were extended to judges and younger lawyers new to the AIC experience, resulting in a good balance of senior and junior members in the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Inn and a better membership mix and expanded mentoring opportunities in the John Marshall Inn, a win/win for both groups.

     The initial officers and Executive Committee members of the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Inn were the following:
     President - Charles F. Witthoefft
     Counselor - Justice Elizabeth B. Lacy
     Secretary/Treasurer - Stephanie E. Grana

     At large members:
     Trent S. Kerns
     Jack E. McClard
     Rosewell Page
     Judge Frederick G. Rockwell

     Membership Committee Chair - Brice Lambert
     Program Committee Chair - J. Tracy Walker, IV
     Social Committee Chair - Esther J. Windmueller

     AIC officials noted that this collaborative formation of a new Inn by members of an existing Inn was a first in the AIC movement, and might be encouraged in other settings. In any event, the members of the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Inn are indebted to our colleagues and friends at the John Marshall Inn for their early assistance and support.

Contact the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Inn

If you are interested in joining the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. American Inn of Court or have a question, please contact:

Joel McClellan, Membership Chair
Marks & Harrison, P.C. 
1500 Forest Avenue, Room 100
Richmond, Virginia 23229
T: (804) 282-0999 | jmcclellan@marksandharrison.com