Prospective Barristers and Masters

The Judge Clarence Cooper American Inn of Court is based on the British Inns of Court. It is designed to bring together Pupils (Emory Law Students) with Barristers (members with 3-9 years of practice experience), Masters (members with 10+ years of practice experience), and Judges.

While some Inns of Court focus on different areas of practice, the Cooper Inn focuses on litigation. Its members include lawyers in all sizes and substantive areas of private practice (solo, mid-size, and large firms), as well as public defenders, prosecutors, public interest attorneys, and judges. The Inn serves as a forum for collegiality and mentoring as well as honing the litigation knowledge and skills of its members.


Every year, the Inn will aim to present six programs for its members. It will also provide opportunities to participate in the Inn's mentoring program and a community service project.


Attorneys in private practice pay $210 per year, attorneys employed by the government pay $50 per year, and attorneys in public interest fields pay $25.  Judges are exempt from dues.  Dues include standard CLE registration fees. 


The nomination period for Masters and Barristers is open during the Summer months. Members are not eligible to nominate attorneys from their own firm or employer, but if there is an appropriate candidate who is interested, members may contact another Master or Barrister at a different firm or employer to "trade" nominations. 

Nominations must be received via email on or before September 20, 2021. Nominations must include the membership category for which the person is being nominated (i.e., Barrister or Master) and must state when the nominee graduated from law school (and where). Please include additional biographical information that will be helpful to the Executive Committee when it meets to review nominations.  

Nomination Form

To submit a nomination, please complete the nomination form.