2021-2022 CLEs

September 22, 2021 CLE- Welcome Back to Court or Not? A Judge's Perspective on Holding Hearings and Mediations in 2021- Jet Wine Bar

Team: Judge Seelig, Judge Craig, Judge Drinkwine

Materials: CLE

October 14, 2021 CLE- Credit or No Credit: Credits and Offsets in Workers' Compensation- Alma Del Mar

Team: Danielle DeRosa, Allison Stouch, Jenna King, Luciano Patruno, 


November 18, 2021 CLE- Technological Competence- Far East Descendant

Team: Casey Pochettino, Patrick Kenny, Wendy Smith, Patrick Donan, Cathy Surbeck, Jennifer Etkin, David Porter, Michele Punturi


December 16, 2021 CLE

Team: Kelly Hemple, Michelle Rhodes, David Kunz, Joseph Ring, Ashley Eldridge, Erica Burry, Neil Dombrowski, Christopher Fox


January 20, 2022 CLE

Team: Joseph Prim, Gregory Boles, Corey Bolander, Jean Chey, Puddy Toland, Darlene Marquette, Deborah Richman


March 24, 2022 CLE

Team: Amit Shah, Kaitlin Files, Cassi Martin, Al Carlson, David Magaldi, Sherry Dougherty, Joseph Turchi


April 28, 2022 CLE

Team: Mindy Levin, Laura Brooke, Jon Koutcher, Mark Mazzanti, Mary Wagner, Chloe Chipkin, Katherine Mutschler, Angela Lorenz


May 19, 2022 CLE

Team: Andrea Graf, Kenneth Kapner, Paul Himmel, Jeffrey Gross, Kelly Snizavich, Eric Pearson, Melissa Chandy, Ruxandra Osgood