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Headquartered in Annapolis, capital of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, the members of the James C. Cawood, Jr. American Inn of Court come together to pursue professional development, ethical inquiry, collegial relations and a good time. Being the "home" inn to the state capital, our chapter has historically sponsored joint meetings with other American Inns of Court in Maryland.

The Inn's history began in the late 1980's when the first Annapolis Inn was formed. Named after William Paca, a Maryland delegate to the Continental Congress and early Chief Justice of Maryland. The rapid growth of the Inn raised concerns by 1990 that its size was making it unwieldy. Spearheaded by then-Circuit Court Judge James C. Cawood, Jr., a second Annapolis Inn began, named after Margaret Brent, the first woman in North American Colonies to act as an attorney before a court of the Common Law.

By 1993, the members of the two inns agreed that one all-inclusive inn would be preferable, so they merged, creating the Paca-Brent Inn.

Throughout the Inns' history, one constant presence and motivating force was Judge Cawood. Not only did he exemplify the qualities that the Inns of Court was formed to cultivate, but he brought to the undertaking a joy and bonhomie. Throughout the years in which he participated, the highlight of the year was the meeting featuring the re-enactments of historical trials directed by the good judge.

When Judge Cawood passed away in 2007, the members joined together to pay tribute to a man who had such an influence on them by re-naming the group in his name.

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