At the Wesley E. Brown Chapter in Wichita, Kansas, we have seven meetings per year.  At our first meeting, the new teams meet and begin developing topics for presentation.  We have six teams that present to the Inn throughout the remaining 6 meetings of the year.  A seventh team provides outreach to our local Bar Association by providing twelve hours of CLE.  

The Professionalism/Civility team is developing a program to maintain and encourage civility and professionalism within the Wichita bar.  For its first year, the team is focused on presenting a program to the local judiciary, as judges have greater capacity to positively affect civility among attorneys over a sustained period of time.  This program is designed to help judges recognize "attorneys behaving badly" and to provide the judges with suggestions for handling incivility appropriately and effectively.  This program's specific outreach target is the judiciary, but the intended secondary outreach targets are the attorneys and litigants who appear in court.

The Membership Services team is developing survey(s) of the Inn membership to determine ways in which we can better meet the needs of our membership.  The Membership Services team will compile the results and provide them to the Inn Executive Committee at the end of the year, for potential implementation next year.  Along with surveying membership, the Membership Services team will also be honoring our Emeritus members by interviewing them (and their cohorts)  and submitting articles to the Bar-o-meter (Wichita Bar Association journal) about our Emeritus members.   The submission of the articles to the local bar association is another way in which the Inn engages in outreach beyond the Inn membership.