2023-2024 Meeting/Location Schedule

Sept. 28, 2023 – San Marcos (Embassy Suites) (Team Mates)

Nov. 2, 2023 – San Antonio (Petroleum Club) (Team Gargotta)

Dec. 7, 2023 – Austin - Holiday Party (Location TBD)

Jan. 25, 2024 – San Antonio (Petroleum Club) (Team King)

Feb. 23, 2024 – Austin (Headliners Club) (Team Heimer)

Mar. 27, 2024 – VIRTUAL (Team Parker)

April 24, 2024 – Austin (Headliners Club) (Team Robinson)


Note that the topics for this season are currently being developed from the following list.

A – Firm Transitions, Working with New Attorneys, Professionals, and Paralegals*

B – Developing and Generating Business – Ethical Rules, Practical Tips

C – Zen & the Art of Bankruptcy Practice – Achieving Work/Life Balance

D – Pro Bono Representation – Practical Considerations*

E – Knowing What You Don’t Know – Tips for Legal Research and Practical Skills Development

F – Best Mentoring and Training Practices for Attorneys*

G – Diversity & Inclusion Issues in Bankruptcy Practice*

H – Attorney Fees – Record Keeping, Billing, Fee Structures, Local Rules, Best Practices

I – You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take – How to Handle a Loss in Court (from practitioner/judge perspective, war stories)

J – How to Keep Clients Happy (and What to Do When You Can’t)*

K – How to Keep Judges Happy (and What to Do When You Don’t)

L – How to Keep Partners, Opposing Counsel Happy (and What to Do When It Seems Impossible)

M – How to Keep Ourselves Happy and Healthy (Self-Care, TLAP and Knowing When to Get Help)

N – Top 10 Tips for a Successful Bankruptcy Practice (from Attorneys and Judges)

O – Getting to Know You: Speed Mentoring*

The Inn will update its program information as the topic for each date is determined.