Welcome to the First District Appellate American Inn of Court. The American Inns of Court is a national organization consisting of local Inns located in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Tokyo. The mission of the Inn is to inspire the legal community to advance the rule of law by achieving the highest level of professionalism through example, education, and mentoring.

Founded in 2008. the First District Appellate American Inn specifically focuses on appellate practice. Our membership consists of a mixture of around 75 members, including judges, professors, lawyers, and law students from Florida State University and the University of Florida. There are usually six general membership meetings held during the year at the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee. Each meeting provides a meaningful opportunity for networking and professional enrichment (as well as an educational program and informal dinner). Pupilage teams, composed of judges, senior and junior lawyers, and students, are responsible for the monthly programs. Teams also meet regularly to discuss their upcoming program and to establish mentor/protégée relationships. 

As reflected by the “Platinum Level” logos on this page, the First District Appellate American Inn of Court has been recognized as a model of American Inn of Court best practices. This honor stems from the dedicated effort of past presidents, including The Honorable James R. Wolf (2008-2009); The Honorable Susan L. Kelsey (2009-2010); The Honorable Charles J. Kahn, Jr. (2010-2011); Michael G. Tanner (2011-2012); former First DCA Judge Peter D. Webster (2012-13); former First DCA Judge William A. Van Nortwick (2013-14); Ben J. Weaver (2014-15); The Honorable Bradford L. Thomas (2015-16); Chrissy Davis (2016-17); The Honorable Stephanie Ray (2017-18); Diana L. Johnson (2018-19); The Honorable Ross L. Bilbrey (2019-20); Diane DeWolf (2020-21); The Honorable M.K. Thomas (2021-22); and Courtney Brewer (2022-23).

The Inn has a strong tradition of promoting legal education, professional networking, mentoring, and community service. We look forward to celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year and are grateful for the enthusiastic and dedicated support of our members. 

Thank you for your interest.
Hon. Rachel E. Nordby, President 
Tallahassee, Florida