• Pre-bankruptcy Strategy & Planning
  • Solicitation and Formation of Creditors' Committees
  • Plan Preparation, Obtaining Support for Confirmation, Decisions on Plan vs. Structured Dismissal
  • Post-Confirmation Issues


  • Debtor and Non-Debtor Releases
  • Hot Topics for Delaware Companies in Distress
  • Dealing With Difficult Clients
  • Structured Dismissal:  Permissible Case Resolution or A Scourge on the Code?


  • Individual Debtors
  • Assumption of Licensing Agreements 
  • Ability of Bankruptcy Court to Enter a Final Order on Stern Claims Based Upon Consent of the Litigants
  • Role/Duties of Debtors' Counsel Upon Appointment of Trustee or Conversion
  • Adversary Proceedings


  • Chapter 15 and International Bankruptcy Filings
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • The Vanishing Jury Trial - Should Anyone Care?
  • Valuation and Confirmation Issues
  • Best Practices for Handling Pro Se Litigants


  • Civility Matters
  • Intersection of Bankruptcy and Other Law
  • Class Actions and Bankruptcy
  • Stern v. Marshall - 10 Months Later


  • So Your Case Has An Examiner, Now What?
  • So, You Want to be an Estate Professional? 
  • Confirmation and Issues Regarding Same
  • The Art of Presentation


  • Mock Appellate Argument Briefing
  • Alternative Exit Strategies
  • Committees and a Primer on Financials
  • Involuntary Bankruptcy Filings
  • Use of Mediation in Bankruptcy Proceedings (December 2009)


  • First Day Motions
  • Tricks & Traps of Chapter 5 and Sundry Bankruptcy Crimes
  • Trends in Restructuring and M&A Markets
  • Civility/Ad Hoc Committees
  • Evidentiary Issues
  • Director Dilemmas


  • Making Sense of Delaware and Current Corporate Reorganization Practice
  • The BAPCPA - The First 4 Months - First Days and Case Law
  • Chapter 15 Cases under BAPCPA and Multiple Creditors' Committees and Committee Membership
  • Spotlight on the Third Circuit: Major Bankruptcy Cases and Appellate Practice Pointers
  • Conflicts of Interest in Bankruptcy Litigation: Negotiating the Balance Between Real World Practice Considerations and Rigid Application of Ethical Rules
  • Valuation - Understanding And Presenting A Valuation Case


  • Bankruptcy Theory and Bankruptcy Appellate Practice
  • Select Ethical Issues in Bankruptcy
  • Critical Vendors - The Law and Practical Considerations
  • Circuit Splits: Divergent Positions on "Hot Topic" Bankruptcy Issues
  • Claims-Agents, Objections, and Trading


  • The Changing Face of Chapter 11
  • Certain Ethical and Representation Considerations in Bankruptcy
  • Prepetition Lockups in Bankruptcy
  • The Risks and Rewards of Closing an Asset Sale Pre-Bankruptcy
  • A Model DIP Financing Order: Commentary from the Major Players


  • Pre-Chapter 11 Filing Practice Considerations
  • Some Litigation Issues Arising from the Sale of Substantially All of the Assets of a Debtor Under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Current Trends in the Plan Process
  • The Art of Winning on Appeal: Briefing and Oral Argument
  • Post-Confirmation in the Chapter 11 Process: Important Considerations for the Reorganizing/Liquidating Debtor


  • Negotiation and Approval of Indemnification Agreements
  • Litigating in Bankruptcy Court
  • Counseling the Debtor Client- Three Scenarios of Pre-Filing Considerations