Meeting Schedule and Materials for 2023/2024

Inn meetings will be held in-person at The Puritan Conference & Event Center: Suite B -  245 Hooksett Road, Manchester, NH 03104

in October, January, February, March, April, and May  

November's Inn Meeting will be held in-person at Three Chimney's Inn, 17 New Market Road, Durham, NH 03824

December's Inn meeting will be held in-person at The Hotel Concord: 11 S. Main Street, Concord, NH 03301


October 4, 2023 - Table 1 (The Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, NH)

Judges' Roundtable: District Court, Family Court, and Probate Court

This year’s Judges Roundtable will feature Circuit Court Judges who handle District Court, Family Court, and Probate Court matters. We will explore how family and criminal matters overlap among these three Divisions of the Circuit Court, what advice the Judges have for attorneys who handle these cases, whether a lack of resources is adversely impacting their ability to reach the cases in a timely manner, and how delay may be impacting the problems they see in their courtrooms.

November 1, 2023 - Table 2 (Joint Meeting with Charles C. Doe Inn @ Three Chimney's Inn, Durham, NH)

Joint Inn meeting with the Charles C. Doe Inn. For our November meeting we will be guests of the Charles C. Doe Inn!  Details to be announced but the meeting will be held at the Three Chimneys Inn. 

December 6, 2023 - Table 3 (The Hotel Concord, Concord, NH)

Attorney-Client Privilege in the Corporate/Organizational Context (Ethics)

A number of New Hampshire’s Rules of Professional Conduct require an attorney protect and preserve attorney-client privilege, or, in other circumstances, clearly communicate whether attorney-client privilege will not, or may not, attach to certain communications.  This CLE will address the NH and applicable federal case law outlining the scope of attorney-client privilege when an attorney represents a corporation or other organization (including considerations of who is identified as the client), and provide a survey of the ethical obligations that need to be navigated in that context.

January 3, 2024 - Table 4 (The Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, NH)

Money, That’s What [Clients] Want: Liens, Attachments, and Executions

Often times one of the challenges neglected in an otherwise strong case is how will your client get paid at the end. The table should consider the tools available to help ensure that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for our clients. Topics to be considered are: when can you obtain a lien or attachment, what types of assets are lienable, how are lienable assets identified, how do you perfect a lien, how do you defend against a lien, when is an ex parte attachment justified, and once you have a lien, now what? While the best things in life are free, you can give them to the birds and bees.  Money, that is what [clients] want. Let’s make sure the clients get what they want.

February 7, 2024 - Table 5 (The Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, NH)

Practical Skills Grab Bag

At the table’s discretion, this program will cover one or multiple of the below practical skills topics:

(a) Cross-examination;

(b) 30(6)(b) Depositions; and/or

(c) Client intake, interviews, and management of client expectations

March 6, 2024 - Table 6 (The Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, NH)

Hang Together or Hang Separately? (Ethics)

New Hampshire Rule of Professional Conduct 1.7 allows for joint representation of clients in appropriate circumstances.  Common situations requiring a joint representation analysis include representation of co-defendants in litigation, disputes between members of closely held entities, and representation of a corporate entity and its sole owner.  The Table’s presentation on this topic should consider the need for “informed consent” as defined under Rule 1.0(e) and the application of the “harsh reality test” referenced in the Ethics Committee Comment to Rule 1.7. 

April 3, 2024 - Table 7 (The Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, NH)

Appealing Administrative Agency Decisions

This program will focus on the procedural and substantive law around the appeal of New Hampshire state agency decisions. Possible areas of focus include the Administrative Procedure Act (RSA 541-A), appealing non-APA decisions under N.H. Supr. Ct. R. 10, preservation of issues before an agency, and how Chevron does – or does not – inform the N.H. Supreme Court’s approach to resolving these appeals.

May 1, 2024 - Table 8 (The Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, NH)

Pro Bono Landlord/Tenant: Contesting Evictions

This program will focus on defending landlord residential evictions for indigent tenants. While the table may want to partner with Legal Aid to briefly outline how individuals sign up of a pro bono eviction defense, the program should be by members of the table and focus on both procedural and substantive defenses and strategies including: the required content and service of the Eviction Notice and possible Demand For Rent, whether to present your case on offers of proof or an evidentiary hearing, the effective use of the court mediation including advising the tenant of the effect of a court ordered eviction on their ability to obtain a future rental, conditions of the premises effecting landlord’s right to evict, governmental rent assistance, a discretionary stay, appeals, and whether it operates as a stay.