Russell-Blass-Walker Inn History 

In 1995, Tom Carpenter discussed the idea of organizing an American Inn of Court on the Gulf Coast with Judge Lenore L. Prather who was active in the Charles Clark American Inn of Court in Jackson. Judge Prather favored the idea and suggested that Tom get together with Pat Bergin. The two met, after meeting with several other attorneys and Federal District Court Judge Dan M. Russell, found that the response to an inn on the Gulf Coast was accepted quite well. Organization began.

The newly organized inn was named for three distinguished jurists, all of whom typify the high ethical, professional, and personal lives that members of the bar would aspire to emulate, Justice Dan M. Russell, Jr., Justice W. Joel Blass, and Justice Harry G. Walker. In 1996, the Russell-Blass-Walker Inn held its first dinner meeting and demonstration.

Although American Inns of Court are permitted to have a specialized focus, and many these days do, the focus of the Russell-Blass-Walker Inn is on litigation, civil or criminal, federal or state, administrative or appellate, bankruptcy or family law; any issues implicated in litigation are fair game. Of course, the issues involved in litigation these days include alternative resolution dispute mechanisms and appropriate interaction with the media, the grievance process and the impact of computers in the courtroom. The definition is wide-ranging.