Mission of the Inns of Court

The mission of the American Inns of Court Foundation is to lead the movement to elevate the American practice of law by promoting the ideals of excellence and professionalism, the exercise of civility and courtroom competence, the spirit of mutual cooperation and camaraderie, and adherence to legal ethics through membership in American Inns of Court. 

Charles Longstreet Weltner Inn Program Chairs 

Executive Committee Program Chair: Gwenn Dorb Holland, Esq.

Program Chairs:

  • Team 1:  Adam M. Gleklen, Esq.
  • Team 2:  Sarah McCormack, Esq.
  • Team 3:  Elinor H. Hitt, Esq.
  • Team 4:  Stephen M. Worrall, Esq.
  • Team 5:  Hannibal F. Heredia, Esq.
  • Team 6:  Kathleen B. "Katie" Connell, Esq.
  • Team 7:  Mary Beth Hebert, Esq.
  • Team 8:  Wayne A. Morrison, Esq.