Brennan-Vanderbilt Inn of Court Founding Principles

The Brennan-Vanderbilt Inn of Court, based in Essex County, New Jersey, was formed by the 2007 merger of the William J. Brennan Inn of Court and the Arthur T. Vanderbilt Inn of Court. The Inn seeks to promote legal excellence in civil litigation and fidelity to the highest standards of professionalism. The Inn offers its pupils the guidance of its Masters in monthly presentations on specific areas of practice, supplemented by the opportunity to practice their skills in smaller pupilage groups hosted by some of the pre-eminent firms in the area. Masters and Barristers enjoy the opportunity to discuss issues in the law in an informal setting with their peers as well as members of the Essex County Judiciary.  

Brennan-Vanderbilt Meeting Schedule

  • March Pupillage: Instruction on how to pick a jury
  • March General: 2 Teams of Masters, Barristers and Pupils will be selected to pick a jury in our mock case. Masters and Barristers will serve as the jury pool. Each Teams' thought processes will be voiced out loud as jury selection occurs.
  • April Pupillage: Instruction on Opening Statements. Direct and Cross-Examination of fact & party witnesses
  • April General: Master demonstrations of Openings, Direct & Cross Examination
  • May Pupilllage: Pupil preparation of Opening, Direct & Cross Examination
  • May General: Pupil demonstrations of Opening; direct & cross of co-worker fact witness and defendant manufacturer's representative
  • June Pupillage: None
  • June General: Early June meeting - Date to be announced. Instruction on the direct and cross-examination of liability  experts.