American Inns of Court Commitment to Diversity 

Ideals of the Movement

  • Upholding the standards of the legal profession
  • Practicing law with dignity and respect
  • Encouraging respect for our system of justice
  • Achieving a higher level of legal excellence
  • Developing a deeper sense of professionalism

Ideals of Diversity

  • The American Inns of Court firmly believes that personal diversity in all its aspects is essential to our ability to accomplish our mission.
  • Diversity embodies all those differences that make us unique individuals.
  • We value the differences in views and perspectives and the varied experiences that are part of a diverse membership.
  • Diversity enriches and broadens our membership, which in turn leads to more creative and meaningful programs.

Professional Diversity

  • Legal professionals and law school faculty, administrators, and students
  • All practice types, from both the public and private sectors
  • From the least experienced to the most seasoned are vital to maximizing the Inn experience

Only by drawing and retaining a diverse membership will we guarantee the success of our unique organization as well as our respective professional pursuits. Therefore, the American Inns of Court are committed to creating and maintaining a culture that promotes and supports diversity not only throughout our organization, but in our profession as well.

A full copy of the the American Inns of Court Diversity Policy can be found here.