Kris Ailslieger - Kansas Attorney General’s Office: Deputy Solicitor General

Martin K. Albrecht - Law Clerk to U.S. District Senior Judge Sam A. Crow

Terry E. Beck - Law Offices of Terry E. Beck

Carol Ruth Bonebrake - Third Judicial District: Staff Attorney

The Hon. Mark Braun - Retired

Stephen W. Cavanaugh - Cavanaugh, Biggs & Lemon, P.A.

James M. Concannon - Professor of Law

David R. Cooper - Fisher, Patterson, Sayler & Smith, LLP

Vincent Cox - Cavanaugh, Biggs & Lemon, P.A.

The Hon. Lori D. Dougherty-Bichsel - Judge, District Court

The Hon. Kathryn Gardner - Judge, Kansas Court of Appeals

The Hon. Jason E. Geier - Judge, District Court

Kevin J. Grauberger - Riordan, Fincher & Beckerman, PA

Jason P. Hoffman - Hoffman & Hoffman Attorneys at Law

Steven A. Karrer - Kansas Attorney General’s Office

Eric Kjorlie - Attorney-at-Law

Gregory A. Lee - Sloan Law Firm: Of Counsel

Thomas G. Lemon - Cavanaugh, Biggs & Lemon, P.A.

The Hon. Marla J. Luckert – Chief Justice, Kansas Supreme Court

Dan Lykins - Attorney-at-Law

Jared S. Maag - Office of the United States Attorney: Assistant United States Attorney

Cecilia T. Mariani - Attorney-at-Law

Anthony Mattivi - U.S. Attorney’s Office: Assistant U.S. Attorney

Derenda J. Mitchell - Office of Kansas Attorney General: Assistant Attorney General

Jason P. Oldham - Office of the Administrative Hearings: Attorney II

The Hon. C. William Ossmann - Judge, District Court

The Hon. Rachel Pickering - Judge, District Court

Pat Riordan - Riordan, Fincher & Beckerman, PA

Bruce A. Roby - Waggener, Roby & Standiferd: Partner

Douglas T. Shima - Kansas Appellate Clerks Office: Clerk of the Appellate Courts

Duston Slinkard - Assistant United States Attorney

Michelle L. Slinkard - Alderson Law Firm

Bryan W. Smith - Smith Law Firm

The Hon. Matthew Spurgin - Administrative Law Judge: Office of Administrative Hearings

The Hon. Holly L. Teeter - Judge, U.S. District Court

The Hon. Cheryl L. Whelan - Office of Administrative Hearings

Keith A. White - Attorney-at-Law

The Hon. Evelyn Z. Wilson - Justice, Kansas Supreme Court


Emeritus Masters

The Hon. J. Patrick Brazil - Chief Judge, Ret., Kansas Court of Appeals

The Hon. Sam A. Crow - Judge, U.S. District Court

The Hon. Larry Hendricks

Steven Pigg - Fisher, Patterson, Sayler & Smith

The Hon. Gary Sebelius - Federal Magistrate Judge

Marty Snyder - Attorney-at-Law

Thomas E. Wright



Lisa Brown - Foulston Siefkin

Dwight Carswell - Kansas Attorney General’s Office

Jessica G. Domme - Kansas Attorney General’s Office

Kyle R. Edelman - Kansas Attorney General’s Office

Michelle Ewert - Washburn Law Clinic

Samuel Green - Fisher, Patterson, Sayler & Smith

Michael Kagay - Shawnee County District Attorney

Kevin Scott Keatley - Assistant District Attorney, Shawnee County

Mary Kuckelman

Jodi Litfin - Assistant Solicitor General

Seth Lowry - Fisher Patterson Sayler & Smith

Andrew Mayo - Riordan, Fincher, Munson & Sinclair, PA

Kayla Roehler

Ashley Rohleder - Kansas Association of School Boards

Amanda Stanley - League of Kansas Municipalities

Kelly J. Trussell - Sloan, Eisenbarth, Glassman, McEntire & Jarboe, L.L.C.

J. Bo Turney – Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P.

Matthew Williams - KS Guard JAG

Angel Zimmerman - Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A.



Deborah Barnes Jones - League of Kansas Municipalities

Lauren Bartee - Riordan, Fincher & Beckerman, PA

Ryan M. Brungardt - Sloan, Eisenbarth, Glassman, McEntire & Jarboe, L.L.C.

Joseph Falls - Falls Law Office

Barbara “Katy” Garner - Assistant District Attorney

Jacob Holly – Attorney at Law

Brian Kong - Shawnee County District Court

Keegan M. McElroy - Alderson, Alderson, Conklin, Crow, & Slinkard, L.L.C.

Stephanie Plaschka - Kansas Attorney General’s Office

Blake Porter - Fisher, Patterson, Sayler & Smith

Tiffany Thomas - Stumbo Hansen, L.L.P.

Christopher J. Turner - Director of Crash and Data Programs

Allison A. Zerbe - John R. Dietrick, P.A.



David Braun

David Dennis

Brigid Markey

Crystal Moe

Cari Smith

Tymber W. Long