Mission Statement

The Judge Advocates Association American Inns of Court (JAAAIOC) exists to foster legal excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills for judges, lawyers, academicians, and students in the practice of military, veteran's, and national security law of the United States.

Top Three Goals

  1. To maintain an active society of judge advocates, judges, lawyers, legal educators, law students and others, so as to promote excellence in legal advocacy in accordance with the Professional Creed of the American Inns of Court;

  2. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences and ongoing education among members of the Judge Advocates Association American Inn of Court, thereby maintaining an institutional forum, where members, working together, pursue the highest goals of the legal profession.

  3. To shape a culture of excellence in American jurisprudence by promoting a commitment to
    professionalism, ethics, civility and legal skills in the practice of law, and transmitting these values from one generation of lawyers to the next.


The JAA American Inn of Court, affiliated with the Judge Advocates Association (JAA), brings together members of the bench, military and civilian attorneys, academicians, and law students for professional development. Each Inn session begins with an opportunity for attendees to share a collegial dinner, followed by a 60 to 90-minute presentation on topics of interest. Each season, we seek a balance of trial skills and substantive sessions in the three main areas of practice: military, veteran, and national security. Our season runs from September to June;. July, August, January, and April are break periods.

About the Judge Advocates Association

The Judge Advocates Association is a national professional society organized in 1943 by a small group of Army judge advocates in Washington, D.C. Over more than sixty years of existence, the membership has broadened and is now composed of active duty and retired judge advocates of all services as well as private practitioners with an interest in military law. The Judge Advocates Association is the only national professional legal organization exclusively dedicated to judge advocates and practitioners of military law. It is a constant voice for the community it serves. As an affiliate of the American Bar Association, the Judge Advocates Association is a member having a vote in the ABA House of Delegates and has raised many issues of concern to judge advocates and practitioners of military law.

Non-Attribution Policy

In an effort to promote rich discussion and the free exchange of ideas, the JAA American Inn of Court adheres to a non-attribution policy. Comments made by speakers and attendees will not be attributed to them in any public forum or to any individual likely to transmit such statements to a public forum. All such comments are off the record. Our nonattribution policy protects all participants in our professional programs-speakers, members, and guests--from having their remarks and opinions quoted publicly or otherwise attributed to them without their express consent. Our policy also allows such statements to be discussed in other private settings, provided care is taken to avoid publicly identifying the speaker, and encourages speakers to be frank and candid and responsible for the substantive content of their statements.