One of the Inn's primary missions is to create mentoring relationships among our members. We promote this goal through our membership selection, pupilage group assignments, and by creating opportunities for individual mentoring between members of differing experience.

In the past, we have tried to match every student and young lawyer with a more experienced mentor. Some of these relationships proved very beneficial - others less so. Whether because of geography, work schedules or simple lack of interest, not every mentor/mentee pairing provided the level of professional support we aspire to.

This year, before making mentoring assignments, the Board decided to try something different by soliciting input from members to help us create matches with the best chance of succeeding. Also, if you know in advance that your schedule or other commitments will prevent you from devoting the necessary time to such a relationship, we wanted to provide a chance for you to opt out.

Accordingly, this is your invitation to express your preferences for the mentorship program for the 2015/2016 program year. Attached below is a separate mentorship preferences form. Please take a minute to fill out the form and return it directly to Judge Doug Miller's judicial assistant, Debbie, by email at this address: deborah We will use the information to match everyone seeking a mentoring relationship with an appropriately experienced colleague. If we don't receive a form we will use the information already in our records to assign mentorship pairings.

Update - October 2015 - Mentorship pairings have now been circulated to the membership and are also posted below.  Mentors, please contact your mentees as soon as possible, if you haven't already done so.    And thank you to all who are participating in this worthwhile program. 

Membership Preference Form

Letter to Mentors and Mentees re: Pairings

Mentor-Mentee Pairings, 2015-2016