This year our Inn is engaging in a little bit of "friendly competition" between the Pupilage Groups for our Community Service Project.  It's called a "Volunteer Outreach Drive."  Basically, as an Inn, instead of coats or school supplies, we generate as many volunteer hours as possible between now and our last meeting in May. People can pick their own causes or charities; they just have to log their hours.  Pupilage groups will compete to see which one logs the most hours by the end.  To encourage collaboration, groups get bonus points if two or more members volunteer at the same time. This project allows people to support whatever cause they like, and within their geographic region. 

We hope that everyone will participate in this fun endeavor that will also be of benefit to our local communities!   

The informational flyer is attached below.  Any questions? Contact Ryan Snow at   Ryan has done an amazing job coming up with this idea, and putting it together. 

Volunteer Outreach Drive Flyer

The results are in!   The entire Inn should be commended for contributing a total of 570 volunteer hours to our communities. What an amazing outreach that our Inn engaged in.  Over 100 hours were provided in pro bono services, and the balance was done as follows:

 ·       Volunteering in an elementary school as part of a mentoring program

·       Visiting with nursing home residents

·       Judging a high school mock trial competition

·       Christian mentor at a jail

·       Landscaping/grounds clean up at a homeless shelter

·       Stuffing school kids' backpacks at the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia

·       Landscaping/grounds clean up at a church

·       Passing out food to the hungry

·       VA Living Museum

·       NPBA Mock Trial Program

·       Avalon Women's Shelter

·       Karaoke fundraiser for youth shelter

Pupilage Group III won the friendly competition by accumulating 111 hours, which with their joint participation multiplier helped them get to 129 points. Congratulations to Pupilage Group III  and their chair, Andrew Fox, on this accomplishment.  They will be the proud holders of the Community Service/Volunteer Outreach Drive trophy for this year, until/if they are dethroned in the future! 

Thank you to everyone for your participation, and most importantly, for all the good that you have done for our communities through your volunteer efforts.  

The results for the Volunteer Drive are in the link below.

Volunteer Drive Hours and Results