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The TOPs Awards are given annually to two people - one Inn member and one non-Inn member - each of whom has quietly, but significantly, demonstrated a positive impact on our community by individual effort to live the ideals of the TOPs Award's concepts: That it Takes One Person to Tackle One Problem to Transform Our Phoenix (TOPs) for the betterment of all.

Past Inn-Member recipients:

  • Patience Huntwork, Esq. (2015-16)
  • Hon. Donn Kessler (2016-17)
  • Hon. Marianne Bayardi (2017-18)
  • Jerry Landau, Esq. (2018-19)

Non-Inn-member recipients:

  • Scott Ritchey (2015-16)
  • Stephen Montoya, Esq. (2016-17)
  • Timothy Hogan, Esq. (2017-18)
  • Frantz Beasley (2018-19)

Click here for information about our 2018-2019 award recipients, Jerry Landau, Esq. and Frantz Beasley.