2020-2021 Officers and Executive Committee Members
Officers for the 2020-2021 Inn Year
President: Robert P. Normann and Joel R. Hurt
Vice President: John K. Gisleson
Counselor: Hon. Nora Barry FIscher
Treasurer: Gregory Teufel
2020-2021 Committees
Committee Co-Chairs: Nicholas Bell and Matthew Gailey
Committee Members: Andrew Horowitz and Cory Omasta
Committee Chair: Mary Kate Coleman
Committee Members: Chuck DeMonaco, Nancy Heilman, Cheryl Kaufman, Stuart Gaul, Nathan Catanese, Paul Titus, and Joel Hurt
Barrister Representative
Committee Chair: Daniel J. Twilla and Nadia V. Lazo
Associate Representative
Committee Chair: Nathan S. Catanese and Sunu Pillai
Lunch with the Judges
Committee Chair: Prof. Ben Bratman
Advisor: Hon. Thomas M. Hardiman
Committee Co-Chairs: Cheryl L. Esposito Kaufman and Kenneth J. Witzel
Committee Co-Chairs: Robert P. Normann, Bradley J. Kitlowski and Matthew E. Becker
Pro Bono Committee
Committee Co-Chairs: Charles A. De Monaco and Robert P. Normann
University of Pittsburgh School of Law Liaison
Prof. Ben Bratman
Website Coordinator:Jeff Stacko
Denise M. Bigley