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Our American Inn of Court has active membership based on the number of years of legal experience:

Masters of the Bench (also known as "Benchers" or "Masters") are generally appellate and trial judges, and experienced trial and appellate attorneys of demonstrated superior character, ability and litigating competence. The term of service of a Master is indefinite, for long-term continuity. Masters have at least 15 or more years of legal experience. 

Barristers are attorneys who have had some litigating experience but are not yet Masters. They generally have 3 to 15 years of legal experience. 

Associates are attorneys who have recently begun their legal careers and litigation experience. They generally have 0 to 3 years of legal experience. 

Pupils are third year law students who serve one year terms. 

Law Balance

It is the goal of this structure to provide mentoring and networking opportunities to educate, inspire new ideas, and foster comradery.

Would you like to join us? Please submit the following Membership Application to adm@justicebobbittinn.org or bring it along with you to the next event. 

Membership Application