Meeting Dates

During a typical year, running from September to April, the Bedell Inn holds member wide monthly meetings at The River Club, 1 Independent Drive, Suite 3500, Jacksonville.  The meetings begin with cocktails at 5:00 and continue to a dinner and program from 6:00 to 8:00.  The Bedell Inn also holds a meeting of all Masters in July to vote on new members and other administrative matters.  Individual group meetings are also held throughout the Inn Year.  The meeting dates for the 2022/2023 year are as follows:

September 20, 2022 - 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club

October 19, 2022

November 16, 2022

January 12, 2023

February 2023 (Joint Meeting, TBD)

March 9, 2023

April 20, 2023 (Annual Banquet)




Pupilage Groups

Group One

Hon. London M. Kite Group Chair
Tracy Engle Program Chair
William E. Adams, Jr. Master
Hon. Marianne Lloyd Aho Master
Jennifer A. Mansfield Master
Thomas A. Delegal, III Master
Henry ("Chip") G. Bachara, Jr. Master
Mark Bajalia Master
Hon. Virginia B. Norton Master
Elizabeth L. White Master
Lidija I. Barauskas Barrister
Bradley G. Bodiford Barrister
Asghar A. Syed Barrister
Michael J. Cox Barrister
Jacob Bohn Associate
Laura Lauder Associate
Meghan K. Bradley Associate
John R. Bielawski, Jr. Pupil

Group Two

Hon. KatieL. Dearing Group Chair
Tonya Patterson-Barge Program Chair
Niel P. Murphy Master
Hon. Don H. Lester Master
O. David Barksdale Master
Scott Costantino Master
Hon. Jacob A. Brown Master
Catherine ("Poppy") Pophan Durant Decunto Master
Charles G. Cofer Master
John C.W. Cherneski Barrister
James Howland Barrister
John N. Kessenich Barrister
Megan A. Mann Barrister
William L. Grimsley Barrister
Adam J. Duso Associate
Julianna R. Favale Associate
Ronnie Graham Associate
McKenzie L. Fischer Pupil

Group Three

Hon. John I. Guy Group Chair
Katelyn K. Johnston Barrister
Timothy J. Conner Master
Christopher C. Hazelip Program Chair
Hon. Mark J. Borello Master
Matthew Posgay Master
Michael R. Freed Master
Heather A. Owen Master
Hon. Thomas M. Beverly Master
Coral K. Messina Barrister
Derek K. Mountford Barrister
Matthew H. Hinson Barrister
Hayley L. Folmar Barrister
Courtney M. Johnson Barrister
Morgan Moceyunas Associate
Josef B. Hess Associate
Angelica L. Inclan Associate
Andrew Herman Pupil

Group Four

Hon. Gary L. Wilkinson Group Chair
Kelly S. Karase Program Chair
Michael L. Duncan Master
Kirsten Doolittle Program Chair
Henry ("Hank") M. Coxe, III Master
Darcy D. Galnor Master
Laura J. Boeckman Master
Mark Caliel Master
Michael H. Harmon Master
Hon. Patricia D. Barksdale Master
Joshua H. Roberts Barrister
Michael Stanski Barrister
Daniel S. Montgomery Barrister
Mary Margaret Giannini Barrister
C. Todd Owen Barrister
Asa H. Johnston Associate
Michael B. Decembrino, Jr. Associate
Cameron Life Pupil

Group Five

Hon. Brian J. Davis Group Chair
Bryan S. Gowdy Master
W. Braxton Gillam, IV Master
Allan F. Brooke, II Master
Crystal T. Broughan Master
Frank G. Mackoul, II Master
Eric J. Holshouser Master
Kimberly H. Israel Master
Courtney K. Grimm Master
Hon. Gary P. Flower Master
Chelsea R. Harris Barrister
Timothy J. Miller Barrister
Adam B. Edgecombe Barrister
Avery D. Sander Barrister
Logan K. McEwen Barrister
Amy Nicotra Associate
Emily McWey Associate
Bennett R. May Pupil

Group Six

Hon. Waddell A. Wallace, III Group Chair
Laura F. Jacqmein Program Chair
Corinne C. Hodak Master
Geddes D. Anderson, Jr. Master
John S. Mills Master
Hon. James H. Daniel Master
Thomas R. Brice, Jr. Master
Jeremy Lasnetski Master
Frederick D. Page Master
Laura B. Renstrom Barrister
Joseph W. Rogan Barrister
Katharine N. Roth Barrister
Megan K. Moon Barrister
Jason E. Boone Barrister
Hunter W. Phillips Associate
John Steinmetz Associate
Kenneth C. Miller Pupil
Marc W. Warren Pupil

Group Seven

Hon. Michael S. Sharrit Group Chair
Daniel K. Bean Program Chair
Michael G. Prendergast Master
Robert G. Riegel, Jr. Master
D. Rodney Brown Master
Hon. Marcia M. Howard Master
Patrick P. Coll Master
Hon. Steven B. Whittington Master
Cyrus P. Zomorodian Master
Michael M. Gropper Barrister
Christopher J. Jackson Barrister
David C. Thompson Barrister
Alisa D. Wilkes Barrister
Kimberly J. Woods Barrister
Madison Mahaffy Associate
Jackson M. Story Associate
Kassi M. Studds Associate
Emily Rodriguez Pupil