Meeting Dates

During a typical year, running from September to April, the Bedell Inn holds member wide monthly meetings at The River Club, 1 Independent Drive, Suite 3500, Jacksonville.  The meetings begin with cocktails at 5:00 and continue to a dinner and program from 6:00 to 8:00.  The Bedell Inn also holds a meeting of all Masters in July to vote on new members and other administrative matters.  Individual group meetings are also held throughout the Inn Year.  The meeting dates for the 2023-2024 year are as follows:

September 14, 2023 (Location TBD)

October 12, 2023

November 9, 2023

January 11, 2024

February 8, 2024 (Joint Meeting)

March 14, 2024

April 11, 2024 (Annual Banquet)




Pupilage Groups

Group One

Whittington, Steven - Group Chair
White, Elizabeth - Program Chair
Broughan, Crystal
Costantino, Scott
Harmon, Michael
Mackoul, Frank
Gowdy, Bryan
Norton, Virginia
Howard, Marcia 
Folmar, Hayley
Howland, Jim
Montgomery, Daniel
Rogan, Joseph
Woods, Kimberly
Bowden, Corinne
Fleming, Kameron
Moceyunas, Morgan
Browning, Daulton

Group Two

Dearing, Katie - Group Chair
Zomorodian, Cyrus - Program Chair
Bachara, Henry
Brown, Rodney
Delegal, Thomas
Harrell, Julie
Peacock, Helen
Aho, Marianne 
Sharrit, Michael
Feinberg, Michael
Hinson, Matthew
Mapp, Kyesha
Roberts, Joshua
Wilkes, Alisa
Brown, Katherina
Hartung, Laura
Nicotra, Amy
Duckworth, Rachel

Group Three

Borello, Mark - Group Chair
Israel, Kimberly - Program Chair
Bajalia, Mark
Cofer, Charles
Duncan, Michael
Hazelip, Christopher
Mills, John
Brown, Jacob
Wallace, Waddell
Engle, Tracy
Herro, Joseph
Mann, Megan
Renstrom, Laura
Whitaker, Eric
Busse, Nicholas
Kerns, Trent
Pestcoe, Zachary
Funderburk, Elizabeth


Group Four

Beverly, Thomas - Group Chair
Hodak, Corinne - Program Chair
Bean, Daniel
Coll, Patrick
Freed, Michael
Jacqmein, Laura
Gillam, Braxton
Murphy, Niels
Dees, Robert
Davis, Jessica
Hensch, Andrew
Kessenich, John
Patterson, Tonya
Vickers, Ross
Cairatti, Melissa
McElhinney, T.J.
Sanders, Theresa
Kersgaard, Eliot
Lauren Fisher


Group Five

Daniel, James - Group Chair
Doolittle, Kirsten - Program Chair
Boeckman, Laura
Conner, Timothy
Galnor, Darcy
Jean-Bart, Leslie
Page, Frederick
Flower, Gary
Coxe, Matson
Gropper, Michael
Johnson, Marlana
Owen, Todd
Van Laningham, Jacqueline
Delise, Justin
McGuire, James
Steinmetz, John
Moran, Sydney
Wicks, Alexander


Group Six

Barksdale, Patricia - Group Chair
Prendergast, Michael - Program Chair
Adams, William 
Brice, Thomas
Coolican, Michael
Karase, Kelly
Posgay, Matthew
Guy, John
Lester, Don
Cox, Michael
Grimsley, William
Johnson, Courtney
Mountford, Derek
Stanski, Michael
Dyson, Ryan
McNamara, Nicholas
Studds, Kassi
Navin, Jake


Group Seven

Lambert, Laura - Group Chair
Mansfield, Jennifer - Program Chair
Anderson, Geddes
Brooke, Allan
Grimm, Courtney
Lasnetski, Jeremy
Owen, Heather
Schmidt, Penny
Kite, London
Wilkinson, Gary
Barauskas, Lidija
Giannini, Mary Margaret
Jackson, Christopher
Moon, Megan
Roth, Katharine
Favale, Julianna
Milliron, Kelly
Schmidt, Sydney