About The Carpenter-Walsh Delaware Pro Bono American Inn of Court

On September 1, 2004, certain members of the Delaware State Bar Association expanded their membership with the American Inns of Court ("AIC") in Delaware by organizing and founding the first Pro Bono Inns of Court in the nation - the Delaware Pro Bono American Inn of Court. 

On December 1, 2008, the Delaware Pro Bono American Inn of Court changed its name to the Carpenter-Walsh Delaware Pro Bono American Inn of Court.  The name change honors the reputation and philanthropic achievements of Ned Carpenter and the continued leadership and efforts of Justice Joseph Walsh.

The Officers of the Carpenter-Walsh Delaware Pro Bono American Inn of Court, being the first Inn of its kind in the country, hope that it will serve as a national model for similar pro bono Inns in other states.

One main purpose behind the formation of the Carpenter-Walsh Pro Bono American Inn is to encourage and lend mentor assistance to Delaware lawyers and non-Delaware lawyers who practice or reside in Delaware to lend pro bono assistance to indigent clients.  The term of membership in the Inn depends on the category of participation and extends from two to four years.  Rotating membership is limited to approximately 60 people divided into four categories: Benchers, Barristers, Associates and Pupils.  The Benchers level includes lawyers with more than 15 years of experience, judges and commissioners.  The Barristers level includes lawyers with 5 to 15 years of experience.  The Associates level includes lawyers with less than 5 years experience.  The Pupils level are law clerks and law students.  Paralegals are also associated with the Inn and participate in programs designed to assist them in providing valuable pro bono service to the less fortunate.

     The Inn is scheduled to meet seven times this year.  Monthly meetings are held in the evening, on the third Wednesday of each month, at the University of Delaware Goodstay Center.  Each meeting will provide at least one hour of CLE credit and will focus on substantive training, professionalism and legal ethics concepts focusing on the pro bono arena.

For more information about the Carpenter-Walsh Delaware Pro Bono American Inn of Court, please contact the Inn's secretary, Geoff Gamble at geoffrey.gamble@usa.dupont.com.

Carpenter-Walsh Delaware Pro Bono Inn Officer and Chairs

  • President:                    Justice Joseph T. Walsh
  • Vice President:             Luke Mette, Esquire
  • Treasurer:                    David B. Brown, Esquire
  • Secretary:                    Geoff Gamble, Esquire
  • Membership Chair:        Todd Goodman, Esquire
  • Programs Chair:            Mary M. Culley, Esquire
  • CLE Chair:                     Laura Ahtes, Paralegal
  • News Article Editors:     Tiffany Poole, Esquire