2017 - 2018 Presentation Date Presentation Title American Inns of Court - Programs Library Catalogue Number Florida Bar CLE Course Designation Number Education Credits
11/9/17 Case Law Changes and Developments Within the Practice of Law P13965 1801078N General (1.0); Ethics (1.0)
10/12/17 The Art of Judging  P13966 1801077N General (1.0); Ethics (1.0); Technology (1.0)
1/8/18 Select One Historical or Significant Legal Opinion … Border Search Exception - Ethics in the digital era of Practicing Law P13962 1801708N General (1.0); Technology (1.0)                        Certification Credits - International Law (1.0); International Litigation & Arbitration (1.0); State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice (1.0)
2/8/18 The Role of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Dismantling Racial Segregation in the South P14085 1802542N General (1.0); Ethics (1.0)
3/8/18 Legal Ethics Trivia Night P14072 1803476N General (1.0); Ethics (1.0)
4/12/18 Technology at Trial   1804768N