Team 1 - The CSI Effect

The public's perception of lawyers, life as a lawyer, and jury trials in the era of "Law and Order" and "The Practice", the CSI effect and expectation from jurors; how that impacts lawyers and the judicial system.

Team 2 - Through the Looking Glass: Lawyers, Judges and Cases

Even though judges were at one time practicing lawyers, it sometimes seems as if the judiciary and the bar exist in two different worlds, with neither fully understanding the pressures and problems under which the other operates. What do attorneys need to know about how things look from the bench? And what should judges remember about what it was like to practice law? A behind the scenes look at the professional lives of both.

Team 3 - Efficiency v. Justice: New Time Standards and Case Management

This program will explore the judicial pressure to deny continuances and expedite case disposition as a result of the new time standards and statistical session reporting, with perception of "justice" and "fairness" in case administration.

Team 4 - The Lawyer - Law Firm Divorce: Leaving Your Law Firm

What's the right way to do it and how much do you owe the firm as you plan your exit? Pre-exit notice solicitations of associates or support staff. Participating in firm life while you plan your exit - are conferences and client entertaining on the firm dollar appropriate? Do you aggressively pursue that new client or wait until you leave? Should you take the associate or your secretary with you? What do you need to do (or not do) to avoid hard feelings or (even worse) litigation over the split-up?

Team 5 - The Media and Confidence in the Judiciary

Discussion surrounding theory of "judicial activism" and judges that will speak to or deal with the media, and whether a perception of predetermination results; changes to the rules of judicial ethics with regard to media relations and case comments; exploration of attorneys and the media, whether failing to discuss the case with the media or litigating the case through the media and its impact on the client.

Team 6 - The Vanishing Jury Trial

Complaints about the vanishing jury trial persist, but is the jury trial really vanishing? Reasons why cases try and why cases don't try; is it really about managing the risk?

Team 7 - Experts: Do or Don't?

When is an expert really necessary? Where do you find experts? How do you retain experts and what "baggage" comes with your expert? Timely disclosing experts and what to do when experts aren't timely disclosed by the other side. Use of audio/visual depositions; Daubert hearings.

Team 8 - Merging firms … is there an effect on quality of life?

Is "bigger" better, or at least inevitable, in this technological age where legal concerns are less local and more national? Is the mid-sized firm being squeezed out? The realities of merging firms; the realities and myths of big v. small firm; electronics and "disappearing free time" (due to e-mails, blackberry's, etc.) and client demand for availability.