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 Student Scholarships

In continued cooperation with HIPLA's scholarship program, in 2017-18 HIPLA and the Nancy F Atlas IP Inn of Court will award a $3,000 scholarship to each of up to three students at each of the University of Houston Law Center, South Texas College of Law, and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law.  Applications should be submitted to Hector Chavez,, between October 4 and November 10.

Selections occur in the Fall Semester. You should address the criteria below in your submittal. The completeness of your submittal against the criteria will be a factor in evaluating scholarship recipients.

  1. A demonstrated interest in intellectual property law (for example, through coursework, prior internships, prior employment, bar activities, student organization activities, publications, or participation in the Giles Rich Moot Court competition).
  2. Adegree (undergraduate or graduate) in a scientific or engineering discipline or other technical education that would qualify the applicant to practice before the USPTO in patent cases. In your submission, please attest upon the honor code that you are PTO-exam eligible.
  3. Applications are considered from 2Ls and 3Ls, or the equivalent thereof for a part-time student. At the time of application, the student must have completed at least 30 hours of law study. The applicant pool is not open to 1Ls or to LLM students.
  4. Academic Merit (include a transcript)
  5. Financial Need (include a copy of your financial aid award and include any other relevant statement about need you would like the evaluators to consider)
  6. Greater consideration will be given to students who have interned for a Houston Federal Judge, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, or the USPTO.
  7. The applicant will preferably not have previously received a HIPLA Scholarship or Fellowship. Please state if this is the case, or if the applicant is applying a second time for the scholarship.
  8. All recipients are subject to final approval by the HIPLA and Nancy F. Atlas IP Inn of Court Boards.

Past Scholarship Recipients:

Jillian Scherrer (STCL)
Cameron Ellis (STCL)
Timothy Rose (TMSL)
Reginal Harris (TMSL)
Sean Huang (UH)
Sarah Luther (UH)
Collin Marshall (UH)

Priscilla Tran (TMSL)
Adela Pena (STCL)
Steve Maule (UH)
Munira Jesani (UH)
Samie Leigh (UH)

Yan Xu (University of Houston)
Matthew Fronz (South Texas College of Law)
Helen Ashegbeyeri (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Timothy John Busse (University of Houston)
Myra T. Dioquino (South Texas College of Law)