Fostering Excellence in Professionalism, Ethics, Civility, and Legal Skills

Achieving Excellence

The Achieving Excellence program is is a tiered achievement-based program that recognizes activities in which Inns are already involved and builds on an Inn's successes.

Each level recognizes an Inn's progress toward mastering effective practices in each of the five core competencies of Inn management: Administration, Communications, Programs, Mentoring and Outreach

All information and documentation of your Inn's eligible activities for the 2015-2016 Achieving Excellence program should be e-mailed to by June 30, 2016. Please CC your Director of Chapter Relations on your submission.

Click here for the 2014-2015 Achieving Excellence Results

**Please note that "Submit IRS Tax Filing Status Verification Form" will not be a requirement for the 2014-2015 AE year and going forward. Inns will still need to confirm their tax filing status, but it will not be a requirement of the Achieving Excellence program. 


Administration is the key to a successful Inn and with a strong foundation in administrative procedures an Inn is well on its way to success. 


Communication on all levels is another key to running a successful Inn. 


Monthly programs are the foundation of each Inn. Programs provide the unique opportunity for all levels of the profession to come together and learn from each other by focusing on practical legal skills with an emphasis on ethics, civility, and professionalism in the practice of law.


Mentoring, on a formal or informal basis, can be one of the most effective tools for providing information and counsel to new lawyers. Having a great mentor is one of the greatest gifts and advantages an Inn can offer its members.

Outreach Activities

Outreach involves hosting, mentoring or providing activities that promote the Inn movement in the legal community and public in general. 

Additional Requirements

There are some additional requirements for Inns that have mastered the core competencies of Inn administration. These additional requirements have a national focus and encourage Inns to keep up with past members and to plan for long-term growth.


If you have additional questions about the Achieving Excellence program, the core competencies, achievement levels or could not find an answer to your question online, please contact your Director of Chapter Relations.